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The Campbell's Orchards 1633 County Road 3, R.R. 1, Carrying Place, ON, K0L 1L0, 613-962-3751, apples@xplornet.com
Country Farm Market 20261 Loyalist Parkway, Consecon, ON, K0K 1T0
613-394-2382, kempfarmmarket@sympatico.ca
Everdean Farms

13783 Loyalist Parkway, R.R. 1, Picton, ON,
K0K 2T0, 613-476-5511 or 613-393-2370

Hagerman Farms

13644 Loyalist Parkway, Picton, ON, K0K 2T0
613-476-5362, marlenehitchon@hotmail.com

Haystrom Farm 578 Bethel Road, R.R. 8, Picton, ON, K0K 2T0
613-471-1672, haystrom_farm@yahoo.ca
Honey Wagon Farms

265 Sandy Hook Road, R.R. 8, Picton, ON,

K0K 2T0, 613-476-6191, hnywgnfms@kos.net

Kleinsteuber Farm

1102 County Road 12, R.R. 1, Picton, ON,

K0K 2T0, 613-393-5671

Lakeshore Farms Market 467 Wellington Main, Wellington, ON, K0K 3L0 613-399-1733
Laundry Farms

530 County Road 1, R.R. 8, Picton, ON, K0K 2T0 613-476-1066, jeanoram@aol.com

Schroedters Farm Market 1492 Highway 62, R.R. 1, Bloomfield, ON, K0K lG0 613-393-2823
Vicki's Veggies

81 Morrison Point Road, R.R. 2, Milford, ON,

K0K 2P0, 613-476-7241, tnoxon@kos.net